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FAQ Gutter cleaning – Repairs – Replacement

What is Gutter Governor?

We are a guttering company prepared to handle every aspect of gutter cleaning, repair and replacement. We have over 30 years of specialized experience in residential and commercial guttering services. With our highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we can care for any size property at competitive prices. Many of our clients have been with us since we began our business!


What regions do The Gutter Governor Service?

We provide services in Kent and East Sussex from our headquarters in Tonbridge.


What services are provided by The Gutter Governor?

In general, we offer gutter replacement, gutter repairs, internal gutter clearance and external gutter clearing. We work with uPVC, cast iron, plastic and sectional aluminium guttering materials.


What payments methods do you accept?

We welcome payments by cheque, internet banking or cash.


Is Gutter Governor insured?

Yes, we carry full comprehensive public liability insurance and we comply with all safety requirements.


What sort of warranty or guarantee do you provide?

We guarantee all of our new guttering work. In addition, the manufacturers of gutter materials may offer their own warranties on their products.The Gutter Governor fits only products intended to last.


Are your gutter tradesmen well trained?

Yes, The Gutter Governor tradesmen receive regular training in the latest gutter repairs and cleaning technology. They also complete frequent customer service and safety training seminars, to ensure they provide the most professional, courteous and efficient service in the business. At The Gutter Governor, we emphasize safety on all our job sites.


What things do you remove from the gutters?

Many things can interfere with the proper functioning of your guttering. These can include moss, weeds, silt, bird and animal nests and more. These can make gutters ineffective, cause damage to the gutters and your building, and ruin the appearance of your property. Regular gutter cleaning helps prevent gutter debris build up and damage.


What sort of mess is left after a gutter cleaning job?

The Gutter Governor work crews thoroughly clean job sites and remove all debris before leaving. The job is not considered complete until your property looks like we were never there.


Will there be scaffolding set up all over my property during the gutter work?

Usually we can do your gutter replacement without the need to hire scaffolding. However, sometimes we may need to use scaffolding to reach certain areas. If this is the case, we will advise you of this and of the extra cost when we give you a quote for the guttering work.


Can my gutters be cleaned if they are obscured?

Usually we can get close enough to gutters to clean them from ladders. However, if a large obstruction like a conservatory exists, we can use a gutter vacuum or other technology to clean away gutter debris without using scaffolding.


How can I tell if my gutters need to be replaced or just repaired?

We will be able to inspect and assess your gutters before we undertake any work. At that time, we can tell if a repair is feasible or just prolonging the inevitable. Usually, a quality repair and seal replacement by The Gutter Governor is sufficient to breathe new life into your gutters and help them last many more years.


What can I expect from gutter seal replacements?

Gutter seal replacements by The Gutter Governor usually last from 10 to 15 years under normal conditions. After that time, the rubber seals start to deteriorate and you may need to consider replacing your gutters at that time.


I suspect my gutter down-pipe is blocked. Can you service this?

Yes. If the down-pipe is blocked,The Gutter Governor takes apart the swan-neck piece, checks for blockages and then uses drain rods to push any obstruction through the pipe. This is a relatively simple operation that takes very little time.


How hard is it to make repairs to my existing gutters?

The answer depends on the gutter material. Repairing cast iron gutters is usually a matter of a simple replacement at a joint or fitting in a new section into the old but still-solid gutter pipes. On the other hand, uPVC gutter repairs may not be cost-effective and gutter replacement is a better option.


How bad is it if my gutters need replacement?

As The Gutter Governor cleans your gutters, we may notice small signs that your gutters need repair or replacement. These indicators are not visible from the ground. Some damage can be replaced easily just by putting in a new gutter section, while other issues may require more extensive gutter replacement and repairs to the underlying structure. For this reason, we strongly recommend a programme of routine gutter inspection and cleaning.


Is there such a routine gutter maintenance programme available?

Yes. The Gutter Governor recommends a programme of twice-yearly gutter cleaning and preventive maintenance. We will work with property owners to generate agreements for these services.


Can I get a phone quotation for gutter services?

We can only give cost quotations as part of an on-site quotation  process. During this meeting, we will assess your building to determine the work that needs to be done and the cost of such services. We do not give telephone estimates or quotes because it is easy to find hidden problems once a visual inspection is done.


How do I get a quote for gutter service?

We want to get your job done for the most competitive price. For a FREE quotation, call The Gutter Governor at 01732 617474 – 01892 300699. We promise to offer you the best available solution to your gutter problems along with the most cost effective way to achieve your gutter goals. Customer service is our priority, so call or email us to discuss your requirements.

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