Fascia Board Replacement

Fascia Board Replacement

Fascia boards along with cladding, guttering and soffit boards are a functional necessity and a great finishing touch tool for your property. They can give the house a great look and can make a great deal of difference in its looks. We deal in new fascia board and in its replacement, promising great products and service in affordable price.

The fascia board is mounted at the place where the roof and the building’s outer walls meet, which is called the roof line. It is a long and straight board that is placed along the lower part of the roof. We fix it directly towards the lower ends of the roof corbels. Fascia board not only carries the guttering but also supports the lower edge of the bottom tiles. The fascia board also carries all the guttering.

With the changing modern times, there are several types of fascia boards available in the market.The world has moved over the traditional timber ones to several new materials of fascia board. There is a wide variety ready with us for you to choose from. All the types have their unique features and benefits.

The trend of fascia board is fast catching on and you have many reasons to choose it. They not only protect your roof space by providing a strong barrier from the weather and give a neat and tidy look of straight-edged roof line. They allow the rainwater to flow down from the roof and protect the walls by keeping the rainwater away from the outside walls.

We deal in new Fascia Boards, Fascia Board Replacement and replacing Fascia and Soffit. We promise the best rates and quality in the market.

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