The best Gutter Cleaning Company 


A home owner needs to realize that gutter cleaning has to be done in a systematic way. It bears a lot of weight on a house’s protection and beauty, and it could be rather a dangerous job as the cleaning is done several meters above the ground level. That is why it is important to handover this task to the experts in the field.  There are a number of companies which offer seasonal guttering services out there, but this article will tell you the importance of using The Gutter Governor’s services for your guttering needs.

Gutter cleaning

More than just a repair. Gutter replacement required

The tradesmen at The Gutter Governor are very experienced and competent workmen who are capable of offering an excellent service. The Gutter Governor provides guttering services that cover all aspects which include gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, and even fixing and replacement of gutters. It is their dedication and expertise what led them to the top tier in this field. The Gutter Governor, unlike other companies helps you to decide the most suited style and colour of gutters which you think would suit your house. They will listen to your needs with ultimate patience, gather your ideas and lead you onto the right path by providing you with the best advice about the tasks in the most effective and efficient manner where the cost will be minimized to a great extent.

The solutions provided  will not only bring peace to your mind, but also would fill you with the knowledge needed to performing this job in the right way and to maintaining it in the future. When The Gutter Governor is in the process of fixing or replacing your gutters, they make sure to purchase high quality products which would serve the real purpose of having the gutters and also will sustain in good shape for a long time. They consider factors like the best available sizes and shapes to suit your house and its design, reliability, the style and shape of the roof and also the toughness and the rigidity of the gutter.


The Gutter Governor will first  make a visit to you property to evaluate the condition of your gutters.   After the inspection they would assess if your guttering system could survive with a repair or if a complete gutter replacement is required. Usually the guttering is  cleaned by getting closer to it, but if reaching the gutter is not possible, The Gutter Governor has equipment that is advanced in technology such as a gutter vacuum which will clean out gutter debris and produce  clean free flowing guttering  for you. Mostly in gutter maintenance it’s only a matter of cleaning the gutter or replacing a seal.  This will help you expand the life expectancy of the gutter to up to 10-15 years which by that time a replacement would be the best option.

The Gutter Governor is concerned about the exorbitant cost you would have to bear for a major repair and this is why they always try to reduce your expenses by choosing the best option you could go with or offer you any sustainable minor remedies to get the real problem fixed. For an example, consider a blocked downpipe.   What The Gutter Governor would do instead of replacing the whole unit for a small blockage is, they would first examine the gutters by taking off the swan neck for blockages, then they would use drain rods to clear the blockage of the downpipe, which is a very simple, really quick and cost effective compared to replacing the whole downpipe. The other services provided by The Gutter Governor are listed below.

  • Gutter leak tests
  • Cast Iron joints replacement compound
  • Timber fascia and soffit repairs
  • Plastic guttering and down pipe system overhaul
  • Internal gutter clearance
  • External guttering, down pipes, fascia and soffit cleaning
  • Weather board cleaning
  • Fitting water harvesting systems
  • Traditional gutter and gutter vac system cleaning
  • New gutter installations
  • Cast Iron gutter fitting
  • Plastic Guttering
  • Fascia, Soffit and Barge board fitting
  • Cast Iron guttering repairs
  • Plastic Guttering replacement
  • Fascia, Soffit and Barge board painting
  • Fixing leaking unions
  • Unblocking blocked down pipes
  • Gutter seal replacement
  • Cast Iron gutter painting
  • Gutter cleaning

Having over 30 years of experience in this trade, they have full public liability insurance and offer a friendly, reliable service at an affordable price.