Rain Water Harvesting

Professional consulting and designing of rainwater harvesting systems for collection and storage of rainwater

The concept of harvesting rainwater is not a new one, but dates back to the initial days of civilization. But as we became modernized our towns became more and more dependent on rivers and readily available supplies of municipal water. Now, with the growing danger to environment and rising cost of municipal water supply, the interest in collection and usage of rainwater in private and commercial buildings, is now reviving.

Welcome to rainwater harvesting systems by The Gutter Governor. We offer sophisticated and state of the art systems for installation in both commercial and residential buildings. We believe that rainwater harvesting is not an imposed feature but is an absolute necessity. We should make use of the technology to meet the need to make a sustainable environment.

Why rainwater harvesting

Rainwater is a renewable and high quality water source for your home. Its collection and usage helps in cutting down cost and creating a sustainable environment around us.

Some of the benefits of collecting and storing rainwater are –

1. Making use of Making use of a valuable resource that is FREE

2. Abundant water supply for toilets, washing clothes, garden, car wash and other cleaning jobs

3. When used for irrigation, it assures better plant growth as stored rainwater is pure and pollutant free

4. Decreasing the chances of flooding, soil erosion and water flowing to storm water drain

5. Low water usage bills and requirement for drinking water supply by municipality

Custom made solutions

Just give us your basic details and we can conceptualize, design and create a sustainable water harvesting system for your home, business or community. We are totally dedicated to manage and harvest rainwater through various solutions, such as ground metal tanks, plastic tanks, underground tanks, commercial tanks and more.

We provide rainwater harvesting system, rainwater collection system, rainwater harvesting tanks and rain gutter installation as per your requirement. From a simple system to collect rainwater to a complex collection system for commercial buildings, we can manage it all.

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