Keeping your gutters clean is important.

Read down to find out why:

After building a house or moving in to a new house, one of the least things you’d remember to do is cleaning the gutters once in a while. It is absolutely normal that you forget to keep them clean because gutters are not seen frequently unless you climb up the walls to reach the roof. With time, rain and wind, gutters are subjected to various problems including blocking caused by clogged leaves. This problem is common to any house with gutters in the world except for skyscrapers. Gutter cleaning  is a simple task which can save you from unwanted  problems.

Clogged leaves block the gutters and cause water to spill, which will damage the walls all the way down to the foundation of your home in long term. Retention of water for longer periods can result in alternative problems such as development of fungi and corrosion of the gutters in case they are metal. In tropical countries, this can get even worse because stagnating water in gutters provide a great haven for mosquito’s to reproduce and grow. Even in plastic gutters, some degree of decadence can be observed due to the effect of sun and rain. Cleaning your gutters at least twice a year will keep you away from many unnecessary troubles.

Guttering replacement

Old guttering in need of replacement

Cleaning and repairing your gutters

Even though it is a simple job, it has to be done with care, especially because you have to work several feet above the ground while you are doing it. Gutter cleaning, gutter repairs and guttering replacement are all a bit extra risky household activities.
Before climbing up a ladder to clean your gutters, check the weather forecast. Gutter cleaning is easier  when the debris is dry. Make sure to do it in a sunny day to avoid difficulties caused by rain. Always clean the gutter while standing on the ladder. Cleaning from on top of the roof is quite dangerous and not recommended. Carry two buckets with you when you climb up the ladder; one for the tools and the other for the debris. Attach the bucket to the ladder using wire hooks. When using the ladder, make sure to stand on a rung that is at least three rungs below the top, to stay stable.

Guttering replacement.

New guttering – fascia and soffit fitted.

Or, do not risk your life to clean the debris out of your gutters. Stay safe and let the specialists do it for you with a guarantee of quality. Get hold of the experts at for all of your gutter cleaning, gutter repairs and guttering replacement needs. The Gutter Governor is your trusted guttering company.