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Gutter cleaning and its regular maintenance is one of the main aspects of housekeeping, whether it is residential area or commercial space. Overlooking gutter cleaning area can lead to dirt accumulation along with growth of moss and fungus in pipes resulting in water blockage. If water doesn’t flow out it leads to further issue like water entering the property by seeping into the walls which can be a severe health and hygiene hazard. It can also lead to internal  property damage. Therefore to avoid such situation, hiring a good and reliable guttering service is a must. You need a gutter cleaning company who has a lot of experience in this field and credentials to do it.  The Gutter governor is one such name in guttering field which offers a complete solution for all your gutter cleaning needs. Be it guttering replacement, gutter repairs or gutter cleaning we can help you with all your requirements.

How guttering issues can affect:

What ever type of property you have, after a while gutters are subject to accumulation of dirt, debris or fallen leaves leading to blockage, growth of vegetation and crack which results into a series of problems. Let us see how guttering issues can affect our lives.

1) Water clogging can lead to water accumulation which seeps into the walls and is equally hazardous for moving into the foundation of the house. This results into poor condition of the walls and weakens the foundation.

2) Blocked water can  create dampness in the entire house which can be the most unhygienic thing for the health of your children and  adults.

3) Poor maintenance of the gutters leads to development of corrosion in the case of guttering down pipes that are made of metal.  Growth of foliage, moss and fungi also happens in the course of time which requires regular monitoring. This can be a major reason affecting the life of the pipes.

4) A blocked down pipe and guttering also affects wooden  fascia and soffit boards which results in development of wood eating insects, mice, etc. which not only affects the wooden articles but also affect our life hygiene and sanitation.

Therefore one thing is ascertained. That gutter cleaning and maintenance is one of the most overlooked important services of our properties which is made easier by hiring the services of a guttering company.

Advantages of Guttering company:

Apart from tackling the above issues, hiring services of a guttering company comes with other advantages as well.

1) When the tradesmen are on the job, any other issue with your gutters which might need attention in near future also comes to light and gets rectified in one go, saving you from future trouble.

2) Investing money right now in maintaining your gutters can have a time and money saving effect for future as gutter cleaning resolves the issues at the right time and even prevents them from happening.

3) You might think gutter cleaning as an easy job and want to do it on your own but as looking into the gutter problem involves climbing up the house walls with ladders which you might not be used to and it can result in a serious accident.

4) The beauty and strength of your house remains, if your gutters are addressed in a routine manner.


With the hiring of The Gutter Governor not only your guttering requirements get addressed but also helps you to have a stress free life in which the hygiene and sanitation issues likely to occur are catered for. The Gutter Governor has more than 30 years of experience in gutter cleaning field. The Gutter Governor offers you the most reliable services and best competitive prices. We deal with gutter cleaning- Gutter repairs and maintenance aspects of all gutters. We have a team of highly qualified and professional tradesmen which helped us build a huge clientele in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and surrounding areas which testifies their expertise and dedication towards their work. They are trained to deal with all sorts of guttering problems and offer the best solution for your budget.

We at The Gutter Governor, try to resolve your problems by either gutter cleaning or by replacing minor gutter seals which mostly tackles with the problem. Instead of just replacing the down pipes or the whole unit, we first examine the nature of the blockage that has occurred. After detailed assessment we try to remove the blockage by removing the swan neck and using the drain rods to clear the blockage. We replace only if down pipes have cracked or worn out. Our services are available for repair of cast iron and uPVC guttering also.  In case of plastic guttering, replacement of the damaged part is a far better option than repair as it is more economical and makes better sense. However in cast iron guttering, repair means either replacement of  the compound at the union or at times an entirely new section is required to be fitted to the solid old guttering system. The replacements provided by us are quality tested and certified and procured from renowned manufacturers. At The Gutter Governor, the solution is always cost effective and reliable.

When it comes to hiring any services, the price at which it is coming is a big concern. However we guarantee you second to none services at affordable and competitive prices in the market. It is an unbeatable deal which offers quality service by our experienced tradesmen for all of your guttering solutions.

You can reach us through e-mail or by phone. We don’t provide a quote over the phone but do a detailed survey of the exact problem to suggest whether repair is required or replacement is the only option. The requirements are discussed with the clients and a written quotation is supplied after acceptance of the quotation the work is booked in . There are no hidden prices as we believe in transparency. Apart from repair and replacement we also provide maintenance service which is definitely a smarter choice to prevent the problem beforehand.

Get in touch with our guttering experts today and get stress free regarding your guttering problems. The Guttering Governor is here for a reliable, friendly and effective service which comes with public liability insurance.

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